Trial for The Business & Management Collection until 31.05.2020

Library named after M. Narikbayev of Kazguu University has organized trial access for all faculty and students to The Business & Management Collection published by HSTalks — a collection over 6000 specially commissioned multimedia lectures, case stories and industry insights by experts from academia and industry. The collection complements and enriches teaching and learning for business and management education.

Some of the ways faculty use the collection include:

* Talks are assigned for independent viewing in preparation for in-class discussions or group-work activities

* As part of a blended, asynchronous or flipped-classroom approach to teaching and learning

* To augment online course resources

* To create or support student projects and/or as required reading within a course syllabus

* As self-directed study to extend student learning

Regarding content: every talk or any extract from any talk is easily integrated and embedded within your learning management system and new material and updates are included every month and presented in the following formats:

* Audio-visual lectures with high-quality animated slides. All lectures published after 2015 are accompanied with reflective questions often used for pre class preparation, post class extended learning or set as assignment tasks

* Real-world case stories and business insights from contributors in both commerce and industry, explaining what was done, how and why. All our case studies are accompanied with ‘Further Action‘questions and tasks to supplement the insights. To view the full selection of case stories and insights, please click here

If you feel the collection would be a useful teaching and learning resource and would like for it to continue to be available, please register your support here.



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