The mission of the library is to provide high-quality and efficient access to information and library services that support academic, research, and professional activities.

MAQSUT NARIKBAYEV UNIVERSITY Library’s goals in support of the strategic goals of MAQSUT NARIKBAYEV UNIVERSITY:

1. Collections and Content
Implement the strategic plan for the acquisition and development of content in support of university research and education

2. Access and Discovery
Provide effective access to knowledge and data through an enhanced interface, knowledge networks, and global cooperation

3. Research, Teaching, and Learning
Provide innovative and systematic support of learning and research in partnership with the faculty and other research and educational organisations

4. Management
Manage critical research information in partnership with the academic and administrative structures of the university

5. Professional Development
Support the learning environment for the library staff in order to achieve the mission of MAQSUT NARIKBAYEV UNIVERSITY

Implementing MAQSUT NARIKBAYEV UNIVERSITY library’s mission is aimed at becoming the principal information resource of MAQSUT NARIKBAYEV UNIVERSITY and part of the world library resource system – the repository of the intellectual achievements of the world civilization.