Dear patrons of the MAQSUT NARIKBAYEV UNIVERSITY Library!

The library welcomes and encourages book gifts that contribute to the development of university research and education. The Library relies heavily on donators to enrich its collections and accepts materials that meet the interests and needs of the modern user community, complement the Library’s collections and contribute to the realization of its goals and programs in terms of format, thematic, depth and philosophy to maintain a balance of information. Donators are encouraged to provide the library with a list of donated materials.

Book donation Handling Guidelines

-The library receives full ownership of the donations — without any conditions

– The library has the right to select whether or not to be included in the collection accepted donations, especially if they duplicate existing materials, do not comply with the library’s collection development policy, are in poor condition, or do not comply with the ethics of acquiring materials by the library

– There are ways when the library may dispose of donations not included to the fund: transferring to other libraries that collect similar materials or transferring to local or national organizations, recycling

– Collection policy for retention of accepted materials:

In spite of the inclusion of documents to the funds / collections of the library, exclusion from the fund / collection is possible, i.e. eternal storage is not guaranteed.

There are two ways to donate books:

1st way: bring books directly to the MAQSUT NARIKBAYEV UNIVERSITY Library;

2nd way: replenish the fund through Gift Certificates. This method is available at the  link (

Any individual can donate a Gift Certificate to the Library.

Library can use the Gift Certificate to replenish the fund with the printed books or to get access to books in the electronic library
How to donate a book to the library or buy a book for the library instead of a lost one?

1st method – Donate or Replace the Printed Book.

In order to do this, choose a book, click the “Buy” and in the list that opens, choose “Donate/ Replace the lost book”

Go to the “Cart” fill the fields Name, Surname, e-mail and phone. If you are already registered in the EBS, it is enough to log in and the fields will be filled automatically.

Select the organization that will receive this book from the list. Go to payment.

After payment you will be able to print the Gift Certificate. To do this, in your Personal Account, go to the Purchases -> Order History.

2nd method – To donate the Gift Certificate to the library for the purchase of books an arbitrary amount.

Go to the “Cart”.

In the field Donate or replace lost books to the library (the Gift Certificate) add the “arbitrary amount”to the amount column.

Fill in the fields Name, Surname, e-mail and phone number. If you are already registered in the EBS, it is enough to log in and the fields will be filled in automatically.

Select the organization that will receive the Gift Certificate from the list. Go to payment.

The chosen organization will be able to receive any books for the amount you have transferred from the publishing house.

After payment you can print the Gift Certificate. For that go to your account in the field Purchases -> Order History.

This function is available at the link (

We guarantee that all positive potential of the donated materials will be fully used.