The Scopus database by Elsevier Corporation is the world’s largest universal abstract database with the ability to track citations of research publications.  This database contains more than 60 million records, including over 100,000 books, 7 million conference proceedings, and about 27 million patents.

Web of Science

Web of Science by the company Clarivate Analitics is an information and analytical platform covering over 50 million records in 12,500 journals around the world, and 120,000 conference proceedings in natural and social sciences, humanities, and the arts. The Web of Science platform hosts several databases: the Web of Science Core Collection, the Russian Science Citation Index, and analytical tools that help to evaluate information in terms of various criteria (Incites, Journal Citation Reports, Essential Citation Reports ).


The Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI), provided by the Scientific Electronic Library, is a national information and analytical system accumulating more than 7 million publications by Russian authors, as well as the information on references to these publications from more than 4,500 Russian journals. To gain access to the full texts of these publications, which are hosted on the eLIBRARY.RU platform, you need to register here. Registered users can create personal collections of journals and articles, save their search history, customise the navigator panel, and so on.

Google Scholar

An open access search system that indexes the full text of research publications in all formats and disciplines.