Trial access to the Foreign Language Resource Center and exclusive publications of the Moscow State Linguistic University

Dear university instructors and students!

Please be aware about trial access to  “Foreign Languages Resource Center” and exclusive publications of the Moscow State Linguistic University from 04.04.2024 to 06.15.2024.


In the upper right corner there is an icon for logging into your account using Login and Password

Password: IdestrIsh56rEt

The site’s interface is specially designed to work with foreign language topics, + this site has interactive online courses in English for various categories of users.

Using the search system, patrons can find all  books posted on  “Foreign Languages Resource Center”, including books from Moscow State Linguistic University.

The Foreign Language Resource Center provides high-quality linguistics content covering all aspects of language learning, skill development, and teaching.

The Foreign Language Resource Center contains books for learning twenty-eight (28) languages, which are divided into the following sections:

  • English language
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish language
  • Italian language
  • Oriental languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hindi)
  • Ancient and medieval languages
  • Other languages (European, Central Asian, African)
  • Literature in original language (English, German)
  • Audiobooks
  • Translation Studies
  • Methods of teaching foreign languages
  • Subject literature
  • Publishing house “Prospekt” collection, Foreign languages.

Books of the Moscow State Linguistic University (formerly Maurice Thorez Moscow State Pedagogical Institute) are the content of a leading linguistic university, exclusively presented in the electronic library system.
The “Resource Center” is essentially a part of the electronic library system “University Library Online”. There is literature on the topic “Studying Russian as a Foreign Language” as well

Date of Publication: 04.04.2024

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