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Please the trial access will be opened for you from 15.09.2023 till 15.11.2023 to the new module Sage Research Methods: Business, which was created in 2023, to Sage Campus online courses – after each completed course  user will receive a certificate from Sage and to SAGE Knowledge e-books.

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Welcome to the Sage Campus online learning platform where you can access all our skills and research methods online courses

Sage Campus supports the teaching and learning of skills and research methods through 280+ hours of structured online learning. The online courses are self-paced and instructor-led, comprising an engaging mix of Sage-quality content, video, interactives, and formative assessments. The topics cover critical skills and research methods across all stages of academic study; navigating information, data literacy, research skills, data science skills, and getting published.

Link for Sage Research Methods: Business

Resource Description:

Evidence-based business decisions require robust, dependable analysis.  This multimedia collection is focused on helping you deliver this. From identifying a testable question to collecting and analyzing data, it equips you with the tools to deliver data you can trust. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are covered, including psychological methods used to analyze consumer behaviour.

Use Sage Research Methods Business to∙  Master methods such as triangulation and content analysis with supporting  how-to guides∙  Watch video tutorials by experts in the most popular and evolving techniques∙  Take inspiration from case studies of real projects written by the  researchers who conducted them∙  Get hands-on practice using  sample data and walkthroughs of analytic techniques


Link on electronic books Sage Knowledge EBooks

Resource Description:

Over 5,800 titles from world-class authors are available at your fingertips in this easy-to-use digital platform. Carefully selected works include academic and supplementary titles that contribute to the knowledge base of students and researchers, foundational books in core areas of research and debate, accessible reference works, and practical professional titles.

Use Sage academic e-books to:

·       Focus on key concepts with a variety of titles specifically chosen to align with current courses.

∙  Spark new ideas with Sage Recommends, which suggests additional, relevant content across Sage products.

∙  Easily save and download citations in all major formats to save time and stay focused.

∙  Choose from diverse search options, including quick search, advanced search, and search within the chapter/entry or within the title.

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